sabato 7 aprile 2012

Russian Federation – Tajik refused asylum seeker disappeared


Nizomkhon Juraev was released from a Russian detention facility on 29 March. He has not been seen since. He is a citizen of Tajikistan, and there are fears that he has been abducted by Tajikistani security services with the intent of forcibly returning him to Tajikistan. If returned to Tajikistan, he is at risk of torture, ill-treatment and an unfair trial.
On 29 March, Nizomkhon Juraev’s lawyer was unofficially informed that her client would be released from detention. She immediately went to the detention centre IZ/ 50-12, near Moscow, where Nizomkhon Juraev was being held but was told he had already been released. Nizomkhon Juraev has not been seen since. His family in Tajikistan have reportedly not heard from him either. There are fears that he has been abducted with the aim of forcibly returning him to Tajikistan.

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Object: Tajik refused asylum seeker disappeared

Dear Prosecutor General,
I am writing to you as supporter of Amnesty International, the non governmental organization which since 1961 has been working in defense of human rights, wherever they are violated.
I urge you to immediately take steps to clarify the whereabouts of Nizomkhon Juraev and ensure he is not illegally taken out of the country.
I urge you of their absolute obligation under international human rights law not to deport or extradite any person to a country where they are at risk of torture and/or other ill-treatment.
Thank you for your attention.
(your name)



Salutation: Dear Prosecutor General
Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation
Yurii Ya. Chaika
Bolshaia Dmitrovka 15 A
Russian Federation
Fax: +7 495 987 58 41

Salutation: Dear Director
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Third department on CIS countries
M. A. Peshkov - Director
Ul. Smolenskaya-Sennaia pl, 32/34
119200 Moscow
Russian Federation
Fax: +7 499 241 21 75

And copies to:
President of the Russian Federation
Dmitry A. Medvedev
Ul.Ilyinka, 23
103132 Moscow
Russian Federation
Fax+7 495 9100766 ext 2134
Twitter: @MedvedevRussia
Suggested message on Twitter: Ensure that Nizomkhon Juraev, who disappeared after his release from detention, is not forcibly returned to Tajikistan.

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.
RUSSIA (Federazione russa)
Via Gaeta, 5 - 00185 Roma
Tel. 064941680 064941681 064941683 064440080 - Fax 06491031

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