mercoledì 11 settembre 2013

Interrogators of Imprisoned Iranian Blogger Hossein Maleki Threatened To Let Him Die From Medical Neglect. Letter sent to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed -11/09/2013

John Burke's letter that I sent today to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed

Your Excellency Dr. Shaheed,
I am contacting your office to convey my extreme alarm over the deteriorating health of imprisoned Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki. His jailers have deliberately withheld critically needed medical care from him, which is in gross violation of both international law and Iranian prison regulations. Furthermore, it has recently come to light that his interrogators have threatened that they will let him die from medical neglect in prison if he continues to refuse to "cooperate" with them. Hossein's father has appealed directly to your office for your intercession to save the life of his son. I am writing to you to urge you to hear this father's desperate appeal.
The office of Tehran's prosecutor has officially denied medical furlough for Hossein Maleki. To read more about his condition and the background of his case, please see:
I ask you to urgently contact the prosecutor's office and all levels of the Islamic Republic judiciary and prison administration to insist that they comply with both international law and their own regulations. Iran’s State Prison Organization regulations also provide that prison inmates be transferred to hospital outside the prison facility, when necessary. The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners require that authorities transfer all those held needing specialist treatment to specialized institutions, including civilian hospitals.
On behalf of Hossein Ronaghi and his family, I thank  you for your urgent attention to this matter.
Mariacarmela Ribecco

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